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I received a letter from RJM Acquisitions Funding LLC saying I owe them money,5,441.61 I do not owe them anything. this is some kind of a scam. Dated January 28,2009.

Also there is two addresses, P>O Box 18013 Hauppauge, NY 111788-8813 and

their address is 575 Underhill Blvd. Suite 224 Syosset, NY 11791-3416

This is not my debt, they say I can pay monthly, 40% or 50% discount, I am really pissed off.

Where are these people getting this information to do this? Do they really think anybody is going to pay money they dont owe? Also thir information isnt 100% accurate they have 2 different last m=names for me.

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I was just advised of a RJM Acquisitions claim on my deceased relative's estate. How do I prove/disprove a charge on a HSBC/Household/ORCHARD BANK Master card? They provided an account number.

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