Rjm Acquisitions - Bid on paying my bill off

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ON RJM where do I go to maake a bid ot pay off bill

Rjm Acquisitions in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - What happened to making a payment.?

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i have been making payment to rjm for bank america they said i owe them 950.00 to bank of america instead i owe $350.00 it become $950.00. i call the and ask is so much.

they said of the interest.ok they said they will take $10 a month.

after over 3 years .when i went to make a payment again is no longer on the website what happened. now they send a letter that my balanced $149.00 dollars.they want me to send 149.00 to finish the account.help.thanks.they need to give my rest of money back its to high for interest of $500.00

Reason of review: scammers.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Lack of comunication.


Seattle, Washington, United States #1053250

I had a payment plan set up and all the sudden there was not a website no where to make a payment to then I got a letter stating they took over RJM Acquisitions.. I tried to get ahold of them, but no luck. I threw the letter out after several months.

Yesterday I receive a letter from another company Asset Recovery Solution to collect the debt.

It shouldn't be this hard to pay a real bill.

Rjm Acquisitions in Tonawanda, New York - Where's My Debt Payments


I paid RJM a monthly fee to settle a debt; I would receive an email and invoice each month; then nothing. I researched them on the internet and all internet addresses brought back nothing.

I called and got an automated message from some other company! I want the funds back I paid them each month and will deal with the company the funds are owed to directly! If anyone starts a group lawsuit against them count me in!

It is not right a company can claim BBB accreditation then you go to the BBB site and they list them as non-accredited! That is fraudulence in itself!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.



I have been making a payment of $37.50 every month for a couple of years until April 2015. I have forgotten about May and June payments because I have not received an invoice since April 2015.


I am having the same issue right now! Funds are still being deducted from my account and there is no one to contact!


I am also experiencing the exact situation. I have been paying faithfully for over a year.

The emails abruptly stopped.

There is no avenue to communicate with these people and I suspect that it is a fraudulent operation.

to Anonymous #1057508

412-218-1376 that's there number

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Rjm Acquisitions - Debt Collection Review from Saint Louis, Missouri

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Rjm acquisitions keeps sending me letters saying i owe a past due bill of $168 dating from 1994. In 1994 i was 9 years old.

They have reported this to the credit bureaus and my credit has suffered a little due to this collection that is obviously a mistake. I have tried to contact them through various means with little success.

When i do reach someone i am threatened and hung up on. How is this legal?

Rjm Acquisitions in Sioux Falls, South Dakota - Check your credit report


I saw that this company has look at my credit report without my permission for 21 times in the last two years.... WFT why can these people easily access this???

Wonder how the know your address? Wonder how they got any of my info? They called me and told me I'd would be charged with grand larceny if I don't pay since what the called was for over $1000...

I cried while the guy screamed at me. When I told him I never had that account he said I should figure it out and get back to him and then he hung up on me.

Rjm Acquisitions in Fort Worth, Texas - Simple Review #1399329621


Company has no right sending anything here for nothing that does not concern me

Rjm Acquisitions in Jonesboro, Arkansas - Never opend account with yall

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I got two diffrent bills in from yall the other day and it says the first one was bck in 95 i was only 13 then and another bck for o7 i never opned any thing with yall are finger hut. this is messing my credit up bad.

I would like it if someone can email me and let me know what i can do to take care of this i have a famliy to take care of and with stuff like this in my name i didnt open is keeping my credit bad to where its hard to do anything are to get anything. My e mail is sherman_keyes@yahoo.com

Monetary Loss: $2000.



412-218-1376 they are bothering me and I have no clue why


Dear Sherman Keys

First of all I just noticed your post, if the account was opened in 1995 it is not on your credit report, the account is past statue of limitations, I recommend checking your credit report and seeing what's actually on it. You can go to www.annualcreditreport.com you are entitled to one free one per year. Let's just say that I'm extremely familiar with RJM Acquisitions.

West Roxbury, Massachusetts, United States #969358

you can start with contacting them for information not expecting them to just HAPPEN to see your post on a public complaints board.

after all the years of reading/commenting on posts on this site , it still boggles the mind how many people think that a PUBLIC site is owned / operated by so many different companies and they expect or sometimes demand help from said company but only try contacting them here as if that'd work?


Rjm Acquisitions - Why did i get this letter

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They sent me a letter saying i owe them 980 dollars for at bank of america account. I have never had a bank of america account in my life.

So tell me how i could have over drawn an account i never had. As a matter of fact they would not lett me open an account. How does this work? do they actually expect me to pay this?

They wont even explain this to me. I keep getting transfered around untill i get hung up on. So they can blow me. Im not paying!

Ever. How do they expect people to take them seriously?


Tucson, Arizona, United States #824546

I just recently got the same exact thing i have never had a bank of america account and the bill has my social all wrong its not mine, im not paying, never will pay. Its a big scam been researching for a few hours now its not legit this company doesnt even have a website

Rjm Acquisitions in Haddam, Connecticut - Lowest of the Low

Haddam, Connecticut

They disguise their "bill" as an "attempt to collect on a debt" for Dr. Seuss books we never ordered, ever.

My kids are in high school and college, we have no grandkids yet. The point is, they are trying to collect on books we never ordered, the bill itself is ficticious. How a company can pose as a legitimate debt collection agency for items never ordered or received is beyond me. I am going to submit a claim to the BBB.

People like this should not be in business. When I went to their website there was no address or true contact information, such as an email address, just an 877#.

Monetary Loss: $25.


Azcapotzalco, Federal District, Mexico #844476

I have just checked my credit score and this company is on my credit as of last month..... i have never ordered such books and the bill is for$ 37.00!

Never any collection letters from the company. this is horrible

Tucson, Arizona, United States #824550

i cant even get on the website, it doesnt exist anymore i got a scam letter as well,

Rjm Acquisitions in Schaumburg, Illinois - Harassing me for a false account

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I have been receiving letters from this company for over two years now. They claim I owe them $67 for two books that I never purchased, from a book club I never knew I had an account with.

Not only is it a false account, but they are claiming they sent books to an address in 2003, when I did not live at that address until 2005. They will not dispute my debt because the company that they purchased it from claims that the account was opened with my name and that address April of 2003.

I did not live at that address until January of 2005. Thinking about hiring an attorney.

Monetary Loss: $67.

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