Rjm Acquisitions - Warning aout RJM or any collection company


I, too, have been fighting RJM. As mentioned, they are a bunch of low life scubags.

Anytime you eceive a dunning letter from ANY collection agent make sure that within the 30 day period that you send them a letter deniying the claim and make them prove it. If you don't they can get a default judgement in court against you and really cause you problems. If you receive a summons to go to court, make sure you do, again they will win and clean you out.

Check your states SOL statutes of limitations, they usually run from three to ten years in different states. After that, they can not sue you or take you to court. Make sure that you make NO payments to them at all or it will restart your states SOL on you.

This is a great site to go to: http://www.creditinfocenter.com/ go the the forums section and then go to collections for starters.

Good luck,


Monetary Loss: $1.

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Rjm Acquisitions - I have never had direcv

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Rjm sent me a letter stating that I owed Directv 146.70. I have never had service with Directv.

They have my name and address correct but the past address where I supposedly had service is a convenience store here in Denton,TX. that has been there at least 35 years. My husband and I WENT TO THE STORE WITH THE LETTER.. the clerk was shocked and told us to report RjM TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREA..

please do not pay these people any money they are a scam....If they put it in your credit they have to prove you owe the debt. These folks need to get real jobs and quit scamming people.

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Denton, Texas, United States #806375

They did this to me too. They try to get the new tenant to pay the bill. Hopeful, isn't it?

RJM Acquisitions LLC is harassing me

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I went through *** getting my phone number and address off of RJM's records last year, but now they are calling my house and mailing collection letters to my address again. When I called the GOOD COOK BOOK CLUB last year, they had no record of me. The name of the person for which they are collecting is vaguely similar to my name, but it is not correct. They also list a previous address for a city in which I never lived.

I don't want their issue to affect my credit again, so how do I rid my life of these parasites without giving them my real name? I don't trust RJM as my phone calls were routed to a Canadian office, where I could barely understand the representative (India accent, not Canadian).


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There is a Cease & Desist letter that you should look up on google and Fax or send it to them certified mail, Basically this letter will have them stop calling you. By law if they do try to call, you can file a suit against the company and you can earn up to $1,000 for the violation.

Rjm Acquisitions - Received collections letter for a debt that is 12 yrs old, & passed statue of limitations

Not resolved

The other day I received a collections letter from this RJM collections company for a debt that is over 12 yrs old! It really *** me off that this company thinks it can get away with doing this to people.

I reported this company to the BBB last year for my husband, guess I need to do the same for me now. I am NOT paying it.

I lost my job at the beginning of 1999, it went through collections, became a charge off and is now off my credit report and I intend to keep it that way. I hope we all get rid of this company!

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The statue of limitations is four years. This is not valid for all debts and need to check which debt can be dismissed in court after four years has passed.

Ulm, Hesse, Germany #275935

I recieved a letter as well. It only says the date RJM purchased the account is Oct 2007. Do you know what the statute of limitations are in Florida?

Rjm Acquisitions - Paying a debt for a bank that is no longer in business

Not resolved

I had 2 accounts with a bank in 2006 and 2007. The bank is no longer in business. I have been getting letters every once and a while from RJM. I paid off one account and when I called the bank to find out what the other balance was, the bank told me that the first account was paid off and that the other account had a blanace of "0". I called severaltimes and spoke to 3 people and they all told me the same thing...the account was at "0". Now there jokers are sending me demand for payment letters stating that I have 3 options to take care of it.

I am confused...the bank is not longer in business. Who will these bozos pay off?

Thanks for listening

Monetary Loss: $436.

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Rjm Acquisitions - RRJM

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RJM harasses me every morning looking for a man who doesn't live at this telephone number. I tell them this every morning & I'm starting to really get pissed!! I yelled at the person who called me today & told him he was harassing me & that I would get a lawyer...he called me an fn ***..they are soo lucky they are in a different time zone!

They should not be allowed to act in this way!

§ 806. Harassment or abuse

A debt collector may not engage in any conduct the natural consequence of which is to harass, oppress, or abuse any person in connection with the collection of a debt. Without limiting the general application of the foregoing, the following conduct is a violation of this section:

(1) The use or threat of use of violence or other criminal means to harm the physical person, reputation, or property of any person.

(2) The use of obscene or profane language or language the natural consequence of which is to abuse the hearer or reader.

(3) The publication of a list of consumers who allegedly refuse to pay debts, except to a consumer reporting agency or to persons meeting the requirements of section 603(f) or 604(3)1 of this Act.

(4) The advertisement for sale of any debt to coerce payment of the debt.

(5) Causing a telephone to ring or engaging any person in telephone conversation repeatedly or continuously with intent to annoy, abuse, or harass any person at the called number.

(6) Except as provided in section 804, the placement of telephone calls without meaningful disclosure of the caller's identity.

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Rjm Acquisitions - Here's how to deal with RJM


Send them a letter and state that you are issuing them a cease and disist order to stop calling/mailing you on a bogus collection. Then send a copy to the Attorney General.

I haven't heard from RJM since. This will give you peace of mind and you won't have to deal with them anymore. Send them a letter and state that you are issuing them a cease and disist order to stop calling/mailing you on a bogus collection. Then send a copy to the Attorney General.

I haven't heard from RJM since. This will give you peace of mind and you won't have to deal with them anymore.

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Rjm Acquisitions - RJM is a scam, DONT PAY

Not resolved

hi, i just got a letter from them saying i owe $ 2,386 from an citibank account opend up in 1990 and my previous adress supposed to be in cleveland, ohio.

Fun thing is i never had a citibank account, never have been to cleveland and in 1990 i was 3 years old and in germany. MY SSn was incorrect too, so they just make up some information in hope some people would be dumb enough to pay them. Oh yea and i had three options with a detuction payment, just makes me laugh!!!

My advise, ignore the letter and dont pay anything

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:grin Wow you people are so full of it I can't believe such a thing can happen in the USA. First of all, I never lived on Underhill Drive in Napa Ca.

I lived in another town for 5 years when you are saying I received 16 books that do not interest me in the first place. How dare you sent a threatning bill to someone, I see on the web you are doing it to many people. So don't think I'm going to fall for your SCAM....My name is Janice Pike and the account number you assigned to me is 2773314098850 From RJM Acquisitions LLC. and happens to be they are on Underhill Blvd......Duh...You Will Get a call from me on Monday, that is if you answer the phone.

Why should I pay $153.68 for 16 books that I never ordered and above all never received.

What nerves. Guess some people would think oh boy they are so smart to get people to pay us.....espcially things that little ole ladies would make, knitting, chrocheting etc........Get a clue Lue.......


The same thing happened to me. I got a letter from RJM for a TD Bank account and I had never had a TD account. And when I checked my credit reports, that fake bank account was on my two of my three reports. So I suggest two things if this happens to you:

1) Write a dispute letter to the CRA that report the fake account. Request to investigate and delete, and

2) Write a Debt Validation letter to RJM requesting they prove the account is yours and threaten to sue. Once I did that, they immediately removed that fake account from my reports.

DON'T JUST IGNORE A LETTER FROM RJM. Make sure to check your reports.

I am also considering investigating this fake account further and holding RJM accountable for making up this fake account and trying to get money from me. That can't be legal. I think it's, at least, worth investigating.

All the best.

Rjm Acquisitions - False collection on my credit

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Not resolved

I am in the midst of closing on a house. I have a service which alerts me of any changed on my credit.

This company just placed a $50 closed collection on my credit out of nowhere. No notice, no call. Claiming I ordered children's books four years ago. I have never ordered children's books in my life.

This dropped my score a lot and it might cost me my closing on my home. Someone needs to do something quickly. FTC says they have to give notice (60) days before placing something on one's credit. This gives them the chance to validate a debt.

I thought we had laws to protect us from these scam artists! The system makes it too easy to let anybody and I mean anybody place whatever they want on your credit...even when it is FAKE!

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They did the same thing to me - claiming I ordered from Double Day and Science Fiction book clubs - I NEVER ordered any books!!! I disputed with Experian - their response was basically if RJM says you owe, then you owe! The laws that are supose to protect consumers are not enforced and that is why anyone can put anything on a credit report.

RJM Acquisitions LLC collection on book clubs I never joined!

Not resolved

RJM Acquisitions LLC is attempting to collect money from me on FIVE different book clubs, and I've never joined any of them! Two of my three credit reports show multiple delinquencies from RJM, all listing these book clubs as the original debt holder.

They have sent numerous letters to me, all of which I sent back with an explanation that I don't owe the money because I never joined the book club.

I don't know if this is a scam or a clerical error, but if it's an error why won't they correct it? I have disputed these accounts with the credit bureaus, and am hoping that will take care of the problem.

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Schaumburg, Illinois, United States #623600

The same thing happened to me. I called the book company that they claim I owe money too and they said that the account was a valid open account.

However, they claim they shipped out books to me in my name to an address two years before I even moved there. :sigh


Same thing is happening to me that is listed above. Got a letter from RJM stating I owed these debts (which I don't remember ever ordering books from this company - ELEVEN years ago)...and I can't seem to get in touch with Crossings just to even find out what I supposably ordered!

Anyone find a way to resolve this??

I see that Transunion was clearing the debt, but what about Experian?? I had no idea this debt was even out there...and if it's mine, I'll happily pay it, but I want to know where it came from first!


I am dealing with the same thing. I found out that i am in collection by checking my credit report first time in years.

Transunion removed it right away but experian validated my debt. I have no idea how they validate it because i have never dealt with this book club. I am now writing a certified letter to the collection agency stating that nothing was ever ordered and the validation request.

I have no idea how those crooks can get away with it. What else can I do?


I am experiencing the same thing with this RJM company reporting that I owe on a Double Day and Crossings Book Club. I just got turned down for a home loan because of these two items because they keep renewing on my reports showing as current delinquencies!

These are not my debts and I have been so sick to my stomach over knowing that someone can literally ruin my dream of owning a house because of these! This is sickening and maddening and I'm going to start now writing letters to the FTC, the attorney general and everyone else I can think of. I have also disputed twice and they send me a letter "validating" my debt to these ridiculous collections. How about PROOF?

Like what address did you send them to, because I can assure you I did not live there? Where's my signature to approve such a purchase? A signed agreement or something?

How can these company's just throw stuff like this on people's reports when it has such a HUGE impact on our lives. This should be illegal!


I am experiencing this right now! You need to prove it was not you to the credit bureau..

I never received the books because there was a slight difference in address so much so I almost missed it. zip code and ave vs blvd. find proof! I had my W-2 forms from then (almost 10 yrs ago) File a complaint with BBB.

Also there is a statue of limitation. send them a cease and desist order... Once you start throwing the law at them they will back off.

I believe that they know they are in a shady business.. they just hope you pay to not get hassled.


I too tried to dispute the false book clubs, 2 of them. After disputing with Experian, I received notice the charge is "validated", the same day I receive a notice from RJM they "responded" to Experian and included the names of the books on the back of the notice.

Bookds I have no interest in, and, who in their right mind would pay over $150 for 4 books? To top it off, there is a 2nd book club on my report, one that I never heard of!

How does one get this scam off the report? :?


One of the two credit bureaus, Transunion, removed these very quickly with no hassle at all. Still waiting on Experian.


I too disputed these with the Bureau companies but they came back and said it was confirmed that I owe the debts. Well I have never joined a book club and do not owe this money! Please let me know if you have any resolution.


I have the same thing on my credit report! Some book club I never joined.

I tried to dispute it with Experian but they said they have confirmed it was me.

This seems to be happening to a lot of people. Any luck fixing this?

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