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I now have got a summons brought to me by the local sheirffs office re: RJM bought an old acct. off mine that was a charge off from First USA....This charge off is from 2002.....the summons tells me I have 30 days or a judgment by defalut will be taken against me....is this summons legal and do I pay this?

I fi don't pay this what will they do in 30 days? If First USA did a charge off do I really owe RJM Acquisitions the money? I did get a junk letter in the mail today from a local atty. saying she could help me with this how does she know?

This was not printed in the local paper, I did look on Friday when they run the debt ads.

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Well I too have now become a victim of RJM. 20 + years ago montgomery wards went bankrupt.

I paid the 1st company to settle my balance 20 + years ago. RJM called me to tell me that they had my social security number, my name, my address and now my phone number. My state statute of limitations says 4 years. The time barred is already up for this issue.

I was told that I was going to be subpoenaed and I could talk to the judge. I know that 20 years is far beyond the time frame. I did pay this bill. I told them I will not pay it twice.

So the nasty lady at RJM told me I had better bring some documentation with me proving I paid my debt 20 years ago. I responded by saying I don't keep my records for more than 7 years. I am pissed that they lied about their business name, they told me they are Resolution Mediation Group. I have found nothing in racine/kenosha wisconsin to validate they are an actual business.

So I filed a claim with the Federal Trade Commission. Next I am going to contact the BBB and find out who has the rights to the 2 phone numbers they called me from.

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