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RJM Acquisitions...hmmm what can i say, well if ur interested here it goes....

So for some reason and somehow this bogus *** company got a hold of my husbands name and sent a letter to my brothers house(?) how they got his address for my husband I don’t know! But they said we owe them from “bank of america overdraft/dda”? OKAY UMMM…NO!!...My husband & I have never had any over draft fees as we ALWAYS have plenty of money in the bank.

they put his social like this

"55*-**-****" on the letter as if this was correct to make us think oh snap! This is a real collection….uh ohhh we better get on the phone a pay right now!!!

HMMM ok no that’s NOT the first two numbers of his social! IDIOTS!!!

And they are really trying to collect an amount of $120.43 which is *** because we have ALWAYS paid our bills on time. EVER EVER been late on anything. So BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY they are FAKE!!! and I will be reporting them to if u get something from them I suggest you do too. DON’T GIVE THEM YOUR SOCIAL!!!!! IT’S A SCAM!

Monetary Loss: $120.

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Yes I've got emails from this a couple of times, obviously bogus because they used the name of one of my characters from an mmo, and the charges were for disney movie club

It was just amazing how *** it was

Santa Barbara, California, United States #591524

I think we should skip the DAs office and make a report to the FBI. They asked me to validate my SS # with the last 4 digits.They already have the FIRST 4.

That means rjs only has to figure out one digit to make your whole SS#.

They were trying to collect on a bill that I claimed bankruptcy on back in 1994.

19 years ago.

If we file a complaint with the FBI--this might be better the the BBB. Lots of people have filed with the BBB but nothing has happened to this company yet.


These guys are classic sleazy bottom-feeding junk/zombie debt collectors. That they're fictionalizing debt in people's names and attempting to collect is not surprising.

Write them a debt validation letter, do NOT speak with them on the phone, and then monitor your credit reports. If they report unvalidated debt on your reports, they're in violation of the law and you can sue them for $1000 for each infraction.

If they do not validate w/in 30 days of receipt of your request, follow up to inform them the matter is now closed and to cease and desist all contact. If they contact you again, and if they do not remove any negative reporting on your credit reports, each infraction is another $1000 for you.

to Leanne Santa Barbara, California, United States #591528

thank you


Dont report to the BBB that doesnt do anything. Call NY consumer affairs.


They sent me a letter for me to send $35 to clear my account. I provided my info and today my suntrust account was compromised.



this happened to me too and i only used scholastic once and they know my info


omg,I got the letter today and I remember getting letters like this before stating that I ordered books from scholastic..I'm so mad but I think ill juz ignore it since I knew its a scam..freakin people nowadays!!

Chenzhou, Hunan, China #15651

I recieved the letter and called, before I read this. He sounded very convincing but still I do not remember opening an account with the bank he mentioned. After reading several complaints I am more confused.

Verona, Virginia, United States #10767

We received the same notice today!

I am reporting them as well!

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