I, too, have been fighting RJM. As mentioned, they are a bunch of low life scubags.

Anytime you eceive a dunning letter from ANY collection agent make sure that within the 30 day period that you send them a letter deniying the claim and make them prove it. If you don't they can get a default judgement in court against you and really cause you problems. If you receive a summons to go to court, make sure you do, again they will win and clean you out.

Check your states SOL statutes of limitations, they usually run from three to ten years in different states. After that, they can not sue you or take you to court. Make sure that you make NO payments to them at all or it will restart your states SOL on you.

This is a great site to go to: http://www.creditinfocenter.com/ go the the forums section and then go to collections for starters.

Good luck,


Monetary Loss: $1.

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