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They sent me a letter saying i owe them 980 dollars for at bank of america account. I have never had a bank of america account in my life.

So tell me how i could have over drawn an account i never had. As a matter of fact they would not lett me open an account. How does this work? do they actually expect me to pay this?

They wont even explain this to me. I keep getting transfered around untill i get hung up on. So they can blow me. Im not paying!

Ever. How do they expect people to take them seriously?

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Tucson, Arizona, United States #824546

I just recently got the same exact thing i have never had a bank of america account and the bill has my social all wrong its not mine, im not paying, never will pay. Its a big scam been researching for a few hours now its not legit this company doesnt even have a website

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